Not Twins

2014_09_08_MK 52572014_09_08_MK 5244 Acrylic, marker and spray on found object. 53x37x13cm 2014

Mean Potato – 2014

2014_09_08_MK 52532014_09_08_MK 5239
Mixed Media on Found object 41x29x12cm. 2014

The Good, The Bad & The Potato 2014

2014_09_08_MK 52172014_09_08_MK 52182014_09_08_MK 5219

3x mixed media on canvas. 29x29cm. 2014

Galo Gallery – Mr Penfold & Matthew Knight 13.09.14


Cheesy Love 2014


mixed media on canvas. 107x57cm. 2014


COWBOY MOFO Cowboy Mofo.

MEGA munny

2013_10_16_CUBEHEAD 4201

Check out MEGAMUNNY! He’s 23 inches tall with a HUGE head. Commissioned for a client in Amsterdam.

Photography by the talented David Wilman – Check out his work here.

Begogo goes walkies

Meet Begogo, Matthews pet giraffe.
She is 41 x 30 x 20cm.

Preview of Begogo the 3D Giraffe!

Heres a preview of ‘Begogo’ the giraffe. She stands 41cm tall; a cute messed up little giraffe!

‘Closet Eccentric’ @ GO Gallery Extended & RAW Art Fair News

The show held at GO Gallery, Amsterdam has been extended by 3 weeks! YAY! You are now able to view the work until 3rd February.

GO Gallery will also be representing Matthew at the RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam from 6-10 February.